Colloidal silica Technology




Successful case in the production and management of silica sol

1) In 1996, the technology for improving the conversion rate of metal silicon was successfully developed;

2) In 1996, the successful development of aluminum stabilized quick-drying silica sols;

3) In 2005, the nucleation mechanism of silica sol nanoparticles was successfully studied.

4) In 2006, the key technologies and core equipment for the preparation of ultra-pure, large-diameter and narrow-distribution silica sols by water glass ion exchange method were successfully developed, and the technology was at the international advanced level;

5) In 2008, he was responsible for the preparation and operation of the management of Shanghai Xin'an Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and the successful production of silica sol for CMP;

6) In 2017, the successful development of energy saving, zero emission, high quality, low cost system technology and core equipment for silica sol production.

Successful case in the field of silica sol application

1) In 2014, the successful development of a silica sol for an internationally renowned brand of mobile stainless steel LOGO CMP polishing solution;

2) In 2016, the successful development of a silica sol for ceramic polishing CMP polishing fluid in a domestic well-known mobile phone casing processing enterprise;

3) In 2016, the development of silica sol carrier application technology for the denitration catalyst of a domestic company was successfully developed;

4) In 2016, the ultra-pure silica sol for catalysts used in the production and application of silica sol in the United States was successfully developed;

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